Things i Love Today

Patrick Swayze, a belated RIP. I was one of those people who went to see Dirty Dancing at the movies 9 times. After things didn't go the way I'd hoped with Boy George, Patrick Swayze became my new love and remained so for many years (or at least a couple of months, I was a teenager so there was a rapid turnover).

Red dust storm: Many people don't know that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze actually worked on a movie together prior to Dirty Dancing. I had no life in those days so I was tragically aware of that fact. The movie was called Red Dawn and was about the end of the world. This movie was on my mind the morning New South Wales awoke to the apocalypse on 23 September this year. Sure made a change from the usual weather chit chat.

Song: Gimme Sympathy by Metric

Larkin Grimm and this article on her from Coilhouse.

Francoise Nielly paints colourful, mesmorising, sexy portraits using a knife to paint!

The Tooth Fairy
Unless they're dancing around on mardi gras floats in their g-bangers, fairies today really do seem to have lost their edge. Let's be honest, they are kind of insipid and their dress sense leaves a lot to be desired - Trinny and Sussanah could build an entire TV series around What Not to Wear (You Clueless Fairy!). But, it seems there's still life in the old girl and I'd like to thank her for keeping me on my toes by paying an unexpected visit this month before I'd even had a chance to prepare my child for her role in his life (she's also upped her appearance rates to cover public indemnity I think). Good on her.

Travel plans Holiday every three months and know what you're working towards. If you can, have at least one flight booked at all times. That way when everything goes to shit at work, home or in traffic, that light at the end of the tunnel will stop you hurling yourself on the track in the meantime. (photo source)

Wollombi Tavern: A real Aussie pub. Perfect for Sunday arvo lunch with the family or your bikie comrads. Plenty of open space (you can even camp there). Surrounded by farms. Home of Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice (port and brandy!) Big, fresh, old fashion hamburgers. About 2 hour drive from Sydney. Warning: you may decide to uproot your life and move to the country on the strength of this place.

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