Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dating advice for daughters

Buzzfeed employees have shared dating advice they would give their daughters

There's something quietly satisfying about spruiking advice to your children. It makes you feel more wise than you are and more together than you were. I often hear myself being all parenty and advisey and shit to my kids and while I do my utmost to pass on sensible, responsible direction, there's usually a little voice in there somewhere whispering to me "Who are you kidding, the only reason you know this stuff is because you screwed up so much." 

But hey, who am I to deny my offspring the wisdom that comes from being less than sophisticated and more times than not falling on my face in any number of life's little tests? I've tried in the past to pass on erudite girl guidance to my daughter on the myth of the princess and some lessons in love for my son and I think I'll stow some of these little pearls from the Buzzfeed crew away for future reference too. 

In particular:

Happy Friday shenanigans

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Too good not to share

It is downright exhilarating to know that not only is Jeff Goldblum alive and well, he is selling out, lighting up and having a laughin' good time on behalf of GE.

Along with internet advertising, and product placements, there has to be a place for infomercials in this godforsaken era of still in the digital dark age media. We need to pay for bar-raising content somehow and so long as they exist - can we all agree to make ads as fabulous as this one?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Business blog advice

A number of my industrious b2b clients have blogs. I would argue blogs are much easier for b2c companies because they can be more fun and whimsical. There's an element of Serious about b2b blogs.

Some of my clients have engaged with me to help out with their blogs. It's my job to steer the ship on course and keep the scenery interesting - every now and then I'll yell out my opinion on the waters they should chart next.

If I could offer advice times thrice on business blogging it would be:

  1. Loosen up - don't be too formal in your language and expression
  2. Mix up the style and formats of your posts (e.g opinion pieces; references to external papers, programs, news stories; images; quotes; short; long; bullet points; link love)
  3. Don't promote your own products too much (or even a lot) ... unless it's super subtle

That's just for starters. But its a good start.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Things I Love Today

On a self-indulgent day of silly cheer, positive thoughts and my favourite songs (not to mention jolly good, all round Fridayness), it's an appropriate junction as any to reflect on the items at the top of the Gratitude Agenda:

My People 
(stay tuned for some recent musings)

Great songs like this

My home
It's been a year today since I first saw it (in 39 degree heat) and fell in love. Living here has been an undulating and continuing journey and I'm grateful for that journey (and the peeps who shelter here with me).

This message from my tiny humans

Who knew I'd become a tree-loving anorak when I moved burbwood?

Pretty Dresses
Nothing can make a girl feel so happy, comforted, gorgeous, special and self-loved than swishing around in a summer dress. (Sookie: props).

Great love

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Mad Magazines: Time - August 2014

Best magazine covers in the business

Yes siree, Time's done it again.

Great image, provocative words.

Lessons from the best magazine covers in the business.

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