Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mad Magazines: Paper

Not sure I'm a big fan of the actual image, but I like the bolshy style of this issue of Paper magazine.

I've worked with printing industry clients for over 20 years so I understand the pain disruptive digital technologies is inflicting upon the paper based industries. I love the mag's in your face campaign and no BS cover line. 

To truly understand what's causing all the fuss, check this out. (Warning: not safe for work)

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Bedazzle your business this Christmas*

* Believe me, no one is more fed up with early mention of Christmas than me 
  (it’s just not that fun getting all grinchy and grouchy to children in shopping centres “NoitsnotChristmasyetI’llletyouknowhenitsChristmas”). 
 But I promise this early mention is for your own good. 

The bad news is Christmas has become totally commercialised.
The good news is see above.

'Tis the season to make some money and turn some heads.

To get you in the mood, here are some juicy Aussie Chrissy facts from McCrindle Research

  • 70% prefer to do their Christmas shopping online
  • 13% prefer e-cards to those in the post
  • 51% of Gen Y want handwritten cards
  • 32% plan to spend more on Christmas this year than last
  • 28% think it’s a good idea to give to charity rather than buy gifts

Spending is predicted to be up this Christmas after the ABS has reported that spending continues to increase month to month in Australia. Meanwhile, the low Aussie dollar is predicted to encourage a lot of domestic spending - great news for local businesses competing against imported goods!

WTF! (Well That's Fantastic), but if you want to get in on the tinsel covered goodness, folks - you’re going to need a Christmas campaign, baby. And here’s how to do it:

1. Figure out what you want to achieve
Online sales?
Lots of traffic to your website?
Data capture?
More subscribers?
Brand elevation?

2. Decide where you’re going to reach people:
Mail out?
Your website?

3. Decide how you’re going to bring attention to yourself:
Price promotion?
Christmas gift guide?
Holiday trading hours?
Sharable content?
Philanthropic activity?
Hosting a special event?
Christmas card or gift?

4. Make your marketing collateral totally schmick
Update the copy and design of your marketing materials and show them your value.

Get in touch if you want a hand.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Talk it out

Image source

Don’t write out your marketing brief. Well, do but don’t only inform your marketing team or suppliers with a written brief. Talk it out with them as well. 

Do it informally, sit back in your chair, don’t read from notes, and as inarticulately as you like, tell them your vision behind the brief. What is it you want to promote? Why is this a good product or message or campaign? What’s the target audience going to love about it?

Encourage questions and discussion about the brief. Make it a conversation.

If your marketing stars are worth their salt that’s where the magic will happen.

When I am working with a new client in particular, say I’m going to revamp the copy on their webpage ... I ask a few standard questions and go on to engage in a free form conversation with them. I just let the conversation and my curiosity take us where we need to go.
In this process, invariably - almost without fail - my client will come out with a sentence or a phrase that will encapsulate all they are doing. It will be a sentence or phrase that is obvious to them but as soon as I hear it I know that is The One. BAM. That is the message that is going to resonate with the audience. Powerful and insightful. You better believe it will be used.

And it all started with a conversation. And an objective third party. 

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

3 important questions about marketing to emotions

Important: consumers are humans. 

Consumers part with money for products and services according to basic needs and complex emotions.

Above is a depiction of the wheel of emotion invented by psychologist and professor emeritus at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Robert Plutchik. The model defines human emotions and their relations and combinations, for example

Admiration - trust - acceptance
Terror - fear - apprehension
Amazement - surprise - distraction
Grief - sadness - pensiveness
Loathing - disgust - boredom
Rage - Anger - annoyance
Vigilance - anticipation - interest
Ecstasy - Joy - serenity

As you plan the next conversation you will initiate with the people you market to, ask yourself these three questions:

To what emotion does your product or service appeal?
Does it strike a chord with people who are angry? Does it comfort people who feel alone?
Will it be a big drawcard to those who are stressed about money?

What emotion does your product or service aim to evoke?
Giddiness? Intrigue? Joy? Smugness? Confidence? 

What do you need to say to these people to show them you get them????

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If One may be permitted to tweet

You may have heard the news. Apparently Betty Windsor has just de-robed her index finger (her whole hand truth be told) and launched her first tweet.

It read as thus:

I’ve seen a bit of coverage espousing what a fabulous moment this was for the monarchy and for tweeterdom. Quite right to a point. Twitter is undoubtedly a quick useful medium for promoting the messages and mundane cuisine photography of businesses; funny buggers; frustrated foodies; hateful tools; and drunk, bored, lonely people (*cough*).

As an old PR, let me assure you, coordinating a measley 22 word tweet for Elizabeth R would have involved no less than 50 professional hours, 15 different drafts, 16 sets of edits, and 47 different people (all either at conferences, in meetings, on leave or out of range) required to sign off on the final wording.

Nice one, Queeny – and more to the point, to the PR peeps at @ScienceMuseum let me take this opportunity to throw, in your honour, a ticker tape parade featuring twerking showgirls in silver leotards and a giant cupcake that shoots glitter.

But it got me thinking, if other royal figures throughout the course of history had the chance to get all Twitty with it, what would they tweet?


Just updated my Facebook relationship status to: it’s complicated. Again.

William Wallace

Don’t keep calm. Vote Scotland. #independence #freedom

Cleopatra VII Philopator

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf*****g snakes in the motherf*****g Nile!"

Queen Victoria

Amused? Epic Fail.

King Joffrey

Anytime’s a good time for pie mofos! #hellsyeahirule

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