6 of the Best: Body and Soulless TV edition

A few bibs and bobs that rocked my world this week. Come join me.

1. "Why intelligent women are obsessed with trashy reality TV shows" - by me

Now, (try to) stop me if you've heard this story (like for instance here, here or here) but just to recap: 

on Tuesday night my post 'Why intelligent women are obsessed with trashy reality TV shows' ran on Kidspot. 968 likes, 235 shares, 1,043 comments and less than a day later it was republished as one of the lead articles on the other News site, Body and Soul.

I've never pretended to be cool, so despite having written professionally for over 20 years, I really celebrated this #girlboss moment. Mainly because as proud as I am of my corporate work, the brands I get to work for and of the constant honing of those writing and comms skills, this kind of stuff is what I love doing on a personal level.

2. TV: Animal Kingdom

Possibly reconsider watching this if you have a dog-eyed loyalty to the Aussie movie,  Animal Kingdom - from which this TV show takes inspiration. This series streaming now on Netflix is more Animal Kingdom(film) meets Point Break. There's more action and hot men. So, all in all: thumbs way up. 

In the first episode I was really disappointed by the Americanised bastardisation of the movie. Two days later I finished watching all 10 episodes in season one. Bring on season 2!

3. It's funny because it's true.

4. ZFB Insta brilliance

Zoe Foster Blake, my perennial girl-crush (Hamish who?) announces her pregnancy by paying homage to the who-run-the-internet news from Queen Bey. My favourite description of the Beyonce Instagram pic came from Em Rusciano: "The Virgin Mary does Melbourne Cup". 
All power, girl power. 

5. LinkedIn article - PR in the 1990s: 10 things you'll remember if you were there

Oh yes. While reading this article by Mark Perkins, at first I had trouble remembering all the trannies I had to deal with, but eventually, memory served and a thousand images came flashing back :) Looking back, I can't believe we used to hire out rooms in 5-star hotels for morning software product launches (and serve wine at them!) Ah, good times.

6. Mumbrella post: Woolies - home of the best-worst product slogans

Mumbrella brings to our attention the somewhat lackadaisical slogans of this supermarket's home brand products. Why do I get the impression that rather than a creative department, a member of the overworked executive team usually puts it to his 4 year old for some input and each suggestion is met by a cry of "yeah, that'll do"?

Stay classy and a bit bad assy!

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