The sure-fire marketing copy formula that will convince anyone of anything

Winning formula (1) ... geddit?

Imagine for a moment you are thinking of opening a butchery business, or making a career leap into a meat processing organisation, or investing in a company that makes animal feed products.

I’m sure that covers most people reading this post.

Stay with me.

So, you’re right in the thick of decision-making mode and you read the following:

Meat-based meals and recipes have never been more popular. People in this country absolutely love eating beef, lamb and chicken and this is a trend that’s not expected to change – except potentially increase – in the coming years.

I’m pretty sure that sounds like good news, don't you think. Need further convincing?

But wait, there’s more.  Further along, you come across this piece of enlightenment:

The local Meat Processing industry has a current revenue of $21 billion. In the time 2012-2017 the industry grew by 9%.  It currently employs 38,142 people.

Cold, hard data sure is reassuring.

The icing on the cake:
Says industry-leading farmer Joe McDonald, “Local conditions and weather are perfect for feeding and producing great quality livestock. The huge export market has been a godsend and the local demand has gone gangbusters too, which has really boosted the prices!”

At this point, at the risk of losing my audience I’ll cut to the chase. If you want to provide convincing messages to prospective stakeholders, the winning formula for communications materials is:


Pair it with kick arse graphics and you’re in pretty good shape.

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