What I learned today: Like a Virgin

Today I learned that the seminal 80s pop jingle that was Madonna's Like a Virgin was actually written by a man!

Billy Steinberg wrote it after making it through the wilderness of traumatic heartbreak following the end of a relationship that left him feeling beat and incomplete. (Just goes to show that context is everything and interpretation equals innovation and, arguably, great art).

Apparently, Madge heard a demo and was all: "Yeah! That song will be mine!" However, her record producer, Nile Rodgers disagreed. "No bloody way! That song can get in the bin! It's rubbish!" (I'm paraphrasing).

I think we all know how that argument played out.

Years later, Nile Rodgers conceded that Like a Virgin was one of the songs that changed his life. Yeah it did.

And here, for your viewing pleasure is Queen Madge in all her chaste (not!) splendour:

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