The moral of the story is: Don't Be All Mouth and No Trousers

(Image Source) What do you want to be? Put it out there, grab it and be it!

So, what’s the story?

Well first, speaking of trousers, have you ever bought or kept a pair of jeans too small in the hope that they would serve as an incentive so that one day ...?

The idea is that when you put it out there and draw on something visual that represents your dream, it is more likely happen.

I know, this sounds suspiciously like The Secret, the international marketing self-help phenomenon based on the premise that an individual's focused positive thinking can result in life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, happiness and more.

Personally, I can’t decide whether I think The Secret is fertiliser for the fulfilment of dreams or just plain horse shit. (Yo! Where’s my f*#k’n Audi TT you lyin’ bastard! I put a picture of one on my Dream Board and everything ...)

It’s like smiling when you are speaking on the telephone. Don’t laugh, it actually works! When you make a call if you force your lips into a smile – even (or especially) when you are not feeling particularly positive – you will sound up-beat and eventually begin to genuinely feel happy.


Many people do this socially too.

I have one particular group of friends that I get to go out with every couple of months or so when we all manage to push aside our busy work and family commitments for a night of quality dining and fun. We all love one another dearly and we share stories with honesty and frankness. We know – and say aloud – that we are all always there for one another no matter what at any hour of the day or night.

Yet, truthfully, we rarely call on one another in the midst of our problems when the shit hits the fan, a child’s head hits the pavement or a relationship hits the skids. Instead, we normally wait until a situation has been resolved before unleashing a blow by blow account of our recent troubles.

There are lots of reasons for this and one major reason we do this is I think is that on the rare occasions we get to hang out sans family hangers on, we are reluctant to bring down the party. Instead, we drink up (literally) the upbeat atmosphere and revel in every gorgeous unburdened moment unshackled from our day to day trials and tribulations.

In other words, in order to be happy, we act happy. We leave our sad, mad, confused emotions when we leave the home and an hour later, we are laughing, enjoying life and immersed in the cheery camaraderie of friendship.

Even if they are temporary, these are genuine feelings – not faked emotions – achieved because we manage to meet a desired state of being.

Believe it or not, this approach can also work in business.

I have worked with companies who have revamped their marketing materials and their entire brands with slick new designs and clever new words to give their business a lift. And when I say lift, I mean a higher standard to live up to.

By positioning the business as more professional/edgy/attentive etc., they commit the company to offering an improved level of product or service as an incentive to actually deliver on it. The public promise is the incentive and the motivation is the desire to actually be that good.

And whatever the goal, so long as it’s healthy and realistic, there’s nothing wrong with giving ourselves higher standard to which to aspire. I believe it’s called faking it til you make it.

The pride we take in our reputation helps us lift our game; helps us reach our potential and possibly arrive at the place where we want to be and deserve to be. Or, as mind, spirit, body blog, The DailyOM states, “everything we do benefits from the presence of intent, which has the power to transform seemingly mundane tasks into profound experiences”.
Remember, it’s not false advertising if you deliver as promised!

Imma be, Imma be, Imma be, Imma be
Imma be livin’ that good life, Imma be livin’ that good, good

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