Case Study: Art of Life Photography

When Nilofar (Nils) Walters first contacted me she had recently given birth to her third child and had decided that life wasn’t jam-packed with hectic goodness already so she might as well just go ahead and revamp and rebrand her successful photography business.

Ironically, ‘copywriting’ is a term that confuses some people. You would think that communicating its meaning would come with the job description but, like public relations, copywriting tries to make itself fancy with an official sounding title that really just muddies its meaning. In fact, copywriting is really just a grown up term for writing words and being given paid, direction as to what those words should achieve. One of my clients for whom I write a lot of corporate magazines regularly requests that I “fluff and finesse” articles (which is handy because I got a high distinction at Uni in Fluff and Finesse 201).

In her initial contact, Nils Walters from Perth-based, Art of Life Photography briefed me that she wanted help with the “wording aspects” of her website. Lucky again because wordy aspects are totally my thing too.

Despite her very full plate, Nils was a calm – almost serene – joy to work with. She gave me some examples of websites and photographers that inspired her and then we spent some time chatting about her and why she does what she does and what her clients get out of it. The rest of the process was a smooth flowing collaboration and it felt like her website wrote itself. Even across the telephone and internet lines, it was obvious to me how Nils goes about making beautiful creations borne from her easy way with people and working with them to get the best results.

You can see for yourself at Art of Life Photography

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