Research reveals that children who eat their crusts have curly hair

You don't say?

It seems everywhere we turn there is research revealing how to stack a dishwasher; that eating greens is good for you; that daughters benefit from being around their mothers; that we are more likely to die by being hit by a falling toilet than eaten by a shark. 

Rather than feeling we have been educated, our reactions are often either skeptical "what BS!", indifferent "why is this necessary to know?" or unimpressed "I could have told you that for free without the help of a 6 year, $2million study".

Has research lost its power to impress? Are we becoming pedantic, over-sharing, over-reliant followers of dubious data samples? Do we need to become more judicious with issues we deem worthy of a) research and b) cocky about proving or making arguments based on the results? 

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