Twenty Fourteen

If you could condense your new year’s resolution(s) into a single word each. What would it/they be?

Mine would be ‘small’. Small says it all doesn’t it? I’m sure you’ve no doubts as to my intentions and personal goals for the year ahead based on those five letters in that specific order. I’ve put so much wistful ponderance (made up term, much?) into the subject, I’m confident that one little word says it all.

Well, no, I’ve obviously had far too many coquitos this holiday season (is there such a thing?) and I’m making no sense at all.

The thing is, every January I write in the first page of my diary my resolutions - aka things I want to work on personally and professionally over the next sequence of months. However, I don’t write them in a long handed, structured explanation. I write them in a single word or phrase that generally makes sense only to me (aint nobody’s binez, see).  I don’t need to be more elaborate because they already mean something to me. As soon as I catch a glimpse of those few terms I am immediately reminded of the aspirations and undertakings I have set for myself.

But, if I did want to share and workshop my resolutions with my BFF, the lady across the road or the Twittersphere, I’d have to add more words, clarify my intentions and make the merit of them understood.

Just like the stuff we do for a living. We know how useful it is and we know how totally useful we are to particular groups and individuals. So useful in fact, we could sum up our vocational, excellent usefulness in one word: BOOM!

We just have to make sure those groups and individuals have the extra words that ensure they know it too.

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