Expressions of Interest

This week I'm listening to:

Forces by Japanese Wallpaper

standout lyrics: 
'Cause I've been thinking bout it And I've been dreaming bout you Won't do a thing about this 'Cause I don't wanna ruin you 

Hallelujah by The Rubens

standout lyrics:
'Cause I'm a son of a gun
(It's not easy to pull that line off in this day 'n age).

... I'm reading ...

Rediscovering one of my long time loves: magazines. I'm finding particularly tasty morsels in Marie Claire and The Monthly. Also, InStyle to a degree; see, while I'm loving hard the gift Ginger/Smart tote, I am really not digging on the clumsy photoshopping of the limbs of already slim women into veritable toothpicks.

... I'm watching ....

Aca-massacring great songs

Pitch Perfect 2. Admittedly, while the off beat humour is enough to keep me on side, the singing really shits me at times. Also, why is so much of Rebel Wilson's career so mired in self deprecation and beating others to the punch line mean observations about her weight? I don't get it. Still, I took my children to see it and about halfway through (ie. the first minute) I began questioning the wisdom of taking a 7 and a 10 year old to see this slightly rudey M-rater. However, my son's grateful smirk every time a smutty piece of dialogue was spoken left me in no doubt of his take on the cinematic choice of the day.

... I'm thinking ....

Emojis in workplace communications: Just. No.

This revelation came to me while rereading an email with a smiley emoji in it that I had sent to a colleague, at least 15 years younger than me who I barely, actually do not, know.

And it struck me:
a) a bit desperate or beneath me or both
b) lazy
c) work email emojis are hereto forthwith now banished from my repertoire 

(That said, they're still on like Donkey Kong in personal texts ... if it didn't take me 20 minutes to find an appropriate little symbol to illustrate my SMS efforts I don't know what I'd do with all the extra time in my life). 

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