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This week I'm listening to ...

These guys are the winners of this year's Triple J Unearthed High and last week the show presenters were asking for people to listen to the finalists' songs and text in to let them know top picks.

The day before the winner was announced, I sent my take on the competition and my text was read out on Triple J's Breakfast Show (another item on the bucket list: tick!) I'm sure you'll agree it was such a witty and fucking insightful contribution.

.... I'm reading ....

An article on what inspires fashion icon, Valentino. "Red is a colour that is not shy." And neither is the man who had a Pantone shade of red named after him.

... I'm watching ....

I am well and truly Netflixuated. After discovering Arrested Development I ripped through 4 seasons in the blink of an eye. I have not roared with laughter so much in all my life. That family is so deliciously fucked up. Jason Bateman is a bloody revelation – definitely getting better with age even though he doesn’t ever look any older.

To fill the void in my life post Arrested Development, I have been steadily re-devouring Mad Men from season 1. At least one episode a night (sometimes 3) – I’m already making my way through season 4. That Don Draper. What can you say. The man was irritatingly, charmingly aloof. Sharp as a tack. Sexily confident. Even his detractors weren’t immune to his charisma.


... I'm thinking ....


Today I saw an older man dressed in a lovely suit, he had a brief case, an old fashion walking cane and wore a bowler hat. It was a pleasing visual moment in my day. Classic elegance never goes out of style.

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