Yes we will

Look, I don’t want to make people feel any more shit about the current political landscape than they do already, but attention must be paid.

The end of this man’s presidency is nigh and holy fuck. Remember this?

Goddamn it, I cried when I first saw this. Then I watched it again. And I copied the transcript. I reread it again and again. Such sentiment. Such spirit. Such articulate, intelligent expression.

I’m not even American but this was inspiration. The man. His delivery. His speechwriter.

The possibilities.

The Yanks voted in a black guy.

Anything was possible.

Not long after, I remember looking at Australia’s deputy prime minister with new eyes and thinking … just maybe … she could be our next leader. Our own big first.

Such hope. This was progression.

What a mighty good man.

The world is sure as hell going to miss this leader. And if you think we won’t, don't kid yourself sweetheart. Take a look around at what’s in front of us right now.

Yes we will.

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