6 of the Best: Biden, Mac, celebrity trees and more

Pinterest and the White House and You Tube oh my. This week my cup runneth over with work and ideas galore. Six sources of thought fodder as follows:


1. 19 Times Joe Biden understood what TF we were going through
I found this spoof Instagram account while I was looking around on Pinterest. One of those random, puerile joke things that everyone just picks up and runs with that are as funny AF. Find the rest of those 19 here.

 2. MacBook Pro – Bulbs – Apple
You know? I really don't mind this ad. Sure, it doesn't scream BUY A MACBOOK! But, I think MacBooks are currently cruising around on their own epic desirability spurred on by Mac lovers and cool kids. I'm predicting that like the iPhone, MacBooks will have to work harder for popularity in coming years, but until then, let's go nuts with fun, vaguely relevant iconography (*smiley face*)

3. Trees made famous by movies, music, art and literature
God, I've become a total tree tragic and in desperate need of a real life in recent years (#Iusedtobefun). No, there is no punch-line. I loves me some pretty trees. Which explains why this ode to trees that found fame in popular art and fiction caught my eye. The ultimate in product placement. Go on, tell me where this one is from ...?

4. Aussiest. Interview. Ever
There is just so much to love about this - the guy, his accent, his commitment to the lores of mateship and his storytelling. I'd also like to express my admiration of the interview-style of Jessica Miller. She obviously knew she had TV gold but was warm and encouraging without being patronising (a rarity on channel 9).

5. Top 10 mistakes managers make managing people
Rather than focus on the failures of bad managers, I can't help but read this post and think of all the great managers out there (we all know there are a shit tonne of bad ones ... because it sure aint easy) - look at all they have to navigate to get right.

6. Book: The Mud House by Richard Glover
Four people. One block of land. No power tools. Read it in two days. Easy. Beautifully written. Interesting (even to someone with no interest in building a mud house). Also, realised right at the end that the Debra, his partner that he refers to, is none other than Debra bloody Oswald (legend writer). Buy it here.

Buon fine settimana!


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