6 of the Best: Nearly there!

Proof-reading is so important, you guys.

Can't you just almost taste it? Senseless eating, wine before noon, reading for pleasure, getting guiltlessly lost down an interwebs rabbithole ....  Ah, the holidays. We're not there yet, but here's 6 crumb-like morsels in the meantime.

1. Sales tips: 12 ways top performers close out the year

As we approach Fuck this Shit O'Clock, this article almost goes against my firm belief that if there is any time to slacken right off, it's now. If I could treat this next week like a Friday afternoon dedicated to faux work (timesheets, miscellaneous admin and Pinterest), believe me I would but I can't. Because unfinished stuff and paying bills, that's why. But hey, this list might come in handy for me in January and if you're still obligated to make an appearance but the To Do list is bare, these ideas will help you start 2017 on the front foot.

2. Michelle Obama on Carpool Karaoke

If, on the other hand, you are just phoning it in right now, now's as good a time as any to catch up on your Carpool Karaoke - this one featuring FLOTUS, Shelly B. The newish ep featuring Madonna doesn't disappoint either, and the bit when James Corden starts tearing up as Stevie Wonder sings to his wife is definitely a fave.

3. 9 Obscure old swear words we should bring back, consarn it!

Look, swearing often does help. I, for one, could probably stand to expand my swearing vocab. The repertoire is fairly thin. In the past, I've been an advocate of 'dagnabbit'. Mainly to my children to encourage them not to follow my junkyard mouth lead - and here are some more alternatives to the eff word. (Potzblitz, they're good!)

4. Mike Baird mural


Slow clap for the lord of the Lockout Law.

5.  Which Aussie ad campaigns won Christmas 2016?

Eight of Australia's Christmas ad campaigns were put to the test to measure their creative effectiveness. Here's the rather clinical breakdown of the ads that are supposed to give us the warm and fuzzies or, at the very least, push us into a purchasing frenzy.

6. Christmas bucket list

Simple but simply says it all.

Jingle all the way (because no one like a half-arsed jingle)!

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