I'm a Communications Specialist

Hi! My name is Natalie Green.

I’m a writer, PR consultant and content strategist based in Sydney.

I work with clients on all kinds of projects: articles, websites, industry events, social media campaigns, books, lead nurture, direct mail, case studies, press releases, newsletters, etc. 

I’ve written a book of my own (and one day I intend to publish one of my many unfinished works of fiction … I’ll probably finish it first though). My words have also been used by people in lots of different industries - from technology to entertainment and everything in between.

What else? My great grandmother had originally intended to sail on the Titanic (#closecall). My personal philosophy is “We are not born winners or losers; we are born choosers.” (It used to be: “Write drunk. Edit sober” but that one made school pick up impossible).

Curious about my expertise? Start here. Check out some examples of my work here. Want to have a chat about something you need help with? Get in touch.

Are you a fellow avid reader? If you're a sucker for quirky wordage and are a serial blog reader, I have posts for you less about marketing and more about life. From the heart. For the mind. Words of wisdomFrom left field. And the downright silly.

Please enjoy my blog. I try to keep posts short and sweet, but every now and then I’ll post an epic if I think it’s warranted. Sign up to receive my posts via emails if you like. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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