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Mums Are Wonderful! is a book for new mothers; from one mum to another. The philosophies behind it are that it’s OK not to know what the hell you are doing, that you don’t have to suddenly, instinctually know all the answers and you don’t have to fit into someone else’s pre-conceived notion of a Good Mum.

Designed as a pick-up-putdown-with-one-hand read, it reminds mums that with a newborn, everything is normal. The book reassures that babies do not have an agenda and that other people have gone through – and are going through – the most of the same stresses as you. Most importantly, it is a daily dose of inspiration and confidence as you grow into your new
demanding and wonderful role as mum.

Each entry is paired with black and white photographs - by Vanessa Petri - of mums with their babies - cute babies, funny babies and, not to be left out, babies with their fathers. The images capture the daily humour and quirkiness of babies, and it is these images that make the words resonate.


Author Q&A

Why did you write Mums Are Wonderful!?
In those first few days, weeks and months following the birth of my son, Kai, I was introduced to a parallel universe where everything looked the same as before, but nothing was the same.
More than just overwhelmed by the responsibility and joy, I was absolutely flawed that a successful, experienced and fiercely independent woman could be reduced to such feelings of vulnerability and self-doubt so quickly.
I grappled with life with a son I adored and my days were filled with a baby that screamed for no apparent reason; lack of sleep; breast-feeding difficulties; a never-ending mountain of washing; tears of sorrow watching the evening news; tears of joy watching tissue commercials; and a fear of self-loss and social isolation.
Mums Are Wonderful! began as affirmations that I scribbled on scraps of paper, poured my heart out in diary entries and repeated internally as mantras to help me cope.

Why is Mums Are Wonderful! unique?
Mums Are Wonderful! is from one mum to another.
The book has been designed for mums that need inspiration, comfort and recognition yet often don’t have much opportunity to read more than 20-30 words at a time and only have one hand free to hold and turn pages.
Each entry is paired with black and white photographs of mothers with their babies; cute babies; funny babies; crying babies; and - not forgotten - babies with their fathers.


Tell us about the photographs?
The images capture everything but the smell of newborns and it is these images that make the words resonate.
They were taken by Vanessa Petri of Hourglass Photography (, Newcastle based mum and photographer.

Is ‘new motherhood’ really so bad?
Sometimes – for a little while – yes, it is kinda bad.
But, not for long. It’s like learning to walk; there’s a little bit of crawling and a lot of stumbling and tumbling at the beginning, but eventually you find your stride. And what a rush! There’s a million little things everyday your child can do to melt your heart like nothing else in the world ever could. So, hang in there!


What about fathers – aren’t they wonderful too?
Fathers can also be as wonderful as mothers can be. They share some common challenges and triumphs faced by mothers and will also find some solace and cheer in Mums Are Wonderful!. The observations and insights shared in Mums Are Wonderful! are compelling because they are shared empathetically from one mum to another (i.e don’t worry, I felt like that too!)
Dads also have their own unique worries and experiences and while they might not all be addressed in Mums Are Wonderful!, it is important to remember that loving dads deserve recognition too.

What’s the best thing you can do for anyone experiencing the rollercoaster ride of life with a newborn?
  1. Be patient, listen
  2. Bring food, do the laundry and washing up
  3. Show sensitivity – there is a time for advice-giving and there’s a time to shut up and hold the baby
  4. Treat mum – she’d love to read Mums Are Wonderful! (‘cos they are)

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