7 Legends and their Dances (They brang it. They owned it.)

1. John Travolta – Saturday Night Fever signature moves:
Even if you’ve never seen the movie you know that the original JT knew how to bring it in the days of disco. These here are moves that have been recreated countless times by luminaries from Madonna to Donald Duck.

MC Hammer
2. MC Hammer – Running Man:
Please. Anyone who ... a) was aged between 4 and 40 in 1990; b) wore saggy-crotched pants; and/or c) wore lycra bike pants together with Doc Martin boots ... and said they have never attempted the Running Man is a goddamn liar.
(Special props to Utah Saints for reviving its popularity).


3. Beyonce – Booty Shake:
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no. Is there anything more to say?

Patrick Swayze

4. Jennifer Grey/Patrick Swayze – The Lift:
It was more than Baby’s rite of passage to get out of that corner, jump off the stage and run into Patrick Swayze’s arms. It was all of ours.

Chicken Dance

5. The Chicken – Self Titled Dance:
god almighty! Who came up with this? All I know is I did NOT want this at my wedding. A lot of disappointed aunties that night I can tell you.

6. OK Go – The Treadmill Dance:
At last someone found some other household use for the treadmill besides clothing rack.


7. Michael Jackson – The Moonwalk:
Say say say what you want about this character, but the Moonwalk was something else. It was the rubix cube of dance.

Spice Girls

8. Posh Spice – combined side-hip-thrust with sultry-look (finger point optional):
Was this a dance? No, it was not. But all the same, worth a mention and a reminiscent snigger for a time before Mrs B realised her calling was more a walking, talking (but not smiling) clothes manikin (and a bleedin' good one at that).


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