Ciabatta with a side order of motorcycle

Had lunch at Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown today. A unique little spot where you can order a custom made motorcycle while you wait for your chiabatta.

Interesting little scene took place at the other end of the communal teak table while I waited for my friend.

Just after arriving with her friends, a lady produced a lunch box from her bad and proceded to munch on salady contents.

Waiter/manager: I'm sorry, you can't eat that here.

Lady: Why not?

Waiter/manager: Because this is a restaurant. We sell food here and don't allow patrons to bring their own.

Lady: Well is the cost of one meal from me equivalent to the group of us leaving?

Waiter/manager: They are the rules. This is a restaurant.

At this stage, even my 4 year old looked like he was going to slap the shit out of this arrogant fool with no manners or understanding of eating-out ettiquette.

As for me, I ordered my lunch - including a piece of pizza for my kids (cos like they haven't quite had enough pizza this week). The sizes were so big and there were so many vegetables like artichoke on it and kids didn't even notice and gobbled it all up.

Instead of walking out like the group beside me, I felt so grateful I would have totally bought a motorbike if l, you know, had any money or any interest whatsoever in ridin'.

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