Things I Love Thursday (TILT)

Things I Love Thursday (or TILT) ...

... was invented by Gala Lumière Darling. In a nutshell TILT is a list; a reminder; a celebration; a declaration once a week of stuff that makes you happy. It mainly takes place on Gala Darling's blog, ICING, but it should be everywhere.


  • ICING - young and silly, heartfelt, smart, pro-people
  • De La Soul - especially on 4 May at The Metro in Sydney
  • Change (both transformation and money)
  • 18 month-old baby babble
  • Cute little notebooks. And, just stationary in general.
  • The Make Up Shop in Broadway
  • Being brought coffee in bed in the morning
  • Chocolate (not that I eat my kids' easter eggs at night while they're asleep)

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