I didn't realise guys actually talked like this

The following - and not a word of a lie - is a conversation I overheard today between a couple of guys (age: probably embryonic twenties):

Guy A: "There is this girl at my work and I swear to god she is so fucking gorgeous."

Guy B: "Yeah?"

Guy A: "Yeah man, she is so fucking gorgeous. This girl? Fucking gorgeous! ... I have to talk to [Guy C]."

Guy B: "Yeah".

Guy A takes out his phone and makes a call: "Guy C? Hi, this is Guy A. Listen man, can you add another name on The List*? .... Yeah? Her name's [Girl Fucking Gorgeous]. It's a girl from work. ... OKThanksSeeYaTomorrow."

Looks at Guy B: "Gorgeous."

Guy B: "Hmm."

I had NO IDEA guys actually talked like that! Guy A was speaking with wide-eyed rapture. My impression of how guys talk to one another about females they like falls somewhere between They Don't and There's a Chick With the Best Tits ...

I mean, I always assumed the scene in One Fine Day when George Clooney describes me ... I mean Michelle Pfeiffer as "luminous" as a bit Hollywoodised. But, Guy A put all that to bed for me today.

Anyway, hope Guy A gets her. He's fucking gorgeous.

* I am so not even making up that he used the phrase "add another name to The List"

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