No point winking in the dark

SKADOOSH! Self-belief is everything

If you’ve got the goods, be proud to tell people. Tell them truthfully and tell them well. And don’t save all the big ups for Work You; don’t forget Friend You / Mum You / Son You.

  • precise and to please
  • devil in the detailing and first across the line
  • ideas powerhouse
  • thinking outside the botox
  • garden variety genius
  • embracing life and the urban collective
  • enchanting willing voyeurs
  • labour of love driven by an unwavering dedication
  • smashing audiences in the face (mostly metaphorically)

Appearing on websites, in pricing documents, brochures etc., these are all terms I have used to describe the value my clients bring.
These phrases are not sychophantic or spin – or, they’re not as far as I’m concerned at the time I’m writing them anyway. You see, I usually find it dead easy to write materials for clients who talk to me super excitedly about their businesses. In short, these guys believe in themselves and have the goods, the services, the skills to back up these claims - according to them. They’re not mouthy, slick sales gods. They have a fundamental belief in what they’re doing. It’s genuine. And genuine self-confidence is seductive.

For example, a couple of weeks back I did some work for an incredible wedding photographer. How did I know she was incredible? She told me. She said she wanted to pay particular care to how she was described in the brochure. She said, “I charge more because I give more and that has to be articulated in every part of my business.”

Having faith in your own excellence does not mean you think you are perfect. The best professionals in any industry – writing, photography, purveyors of fine meat, flugel-binder distributors – constantly work at their craft. They know there is always something they could improve on and they strive for improvement accordingly. They believe they are great and want to be greater. And they are hard to ignore.

If you read any business-based website, the About Us section is there to talk up the subject, service and/or goods. It makes sense to do so; you’re not going to tell perspective customers or investors ‘we do a good job but we’re never on time’. No. No. No. You tell them how great you are – you can tell it well or you can tell it snoringly boringly word-heavily eg. "We are one of the leading providers of iWidget 2.0 and offer industry benchmarking solutions for all customers.” (retch!)

Funnily I have noticed that the ballsy About Us section style is rarely so boldly self-complimentary on a personal website or blog. And, while CVs may espouse flawless attention to detail, proactivity, time management skills and creative passion, you rarely hear someone speaking so assuredly about their excellence as friends, siblings, partners, parents or offspring.

Maybe we should. At least to ourselves.

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