There's a time to be ahead and a time to be behind

Image source: Manky Maxblack

This week I did some writing for a company that wanted to thank some seriously long-time loyal customers. In this context, I realised ...

There comes a time ....
to raise a glass
to bow your head
to celebrate
to forgive
to stand in ovation
to listen
to laugh
to remember
to thank

As for me personally, this week I realised that there comes a time for a self-indulgent, bad mood-rant all the while you are living in a beautiful place in a fulfilling life with a healthy, heart-meltingly, drop dead super fun and sexy family. 

And there comes a time for a really great-for-no-reason-day even though you have been vomited on three times, your coffee machine has leaked all over your kitchen, your carefully folded washing has been strewn over your living room, and you have had breakfast cereal flung all over your carpet by a toddler who wants to party.

And that's ok.

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