“But enough About Me. What do my customers think About Me?”

If you’ve got some customers that like what you do and are happy to attest to it, that’s bitchin’. However, it’s only half the battle.

A customer reference is noteworthy for sure, but if you want it to be interesting and influential, that reference better tell a story. And no, not your story; your customer’s story.

Renee Bell of NFE Design on the central coast is one of my talented photographer clients (I love working with creative people and I’m so lucky I get to a lot). Lately, I’ve been crafting copy that is worthy of NFE’s revamped website and new luxury brand, Indulge.

The aim was to inspire her audiences (parents, brides and babes), convey her understanding of their needs and promote her five-star services.

In Renee’s line of work, it’s lucky she’s armed to the back teeth with lots of different skills. Not only can she create an image will bring a tear to a bride’s mother’s eye and a wink to a groom’s, Renee can settle a newborn like the baby whisperer herself and can bring the Beyonce out in any woman. That’s what you learn when you train to be a professional photographer, aint it?

Her newborn photo sessions take place over a number of hours and she creates exquisite images because she knows just how to put babies and parents at ease, how to get the best from them and how the unpredictability of babies’ bodily functions means she will need a lot of spare baby blankets.

Except, instead of simply telling prospective clients 'I am awesome and I understand babies', she shows them through her blogs and through stories about her clients.

Every section of her websites addresses what’s relevant to her clients rather than what's great about her (even especially Renee’s  About Me page).

As every visually creative professional worth their salt should, Renee’s blogs showcase her work to give potential clients a taste of her talents. The posts are mainly pictorial but in the limited copy, she shares anecdotal snippets from her photo sessions. She mentions that she made the fabulous little beanie on this baby and wishes the new parents of this one a better night’s sleep. Renee does the same with Indulge, the other bridal and boudoir arm of her business she has been styling up.

Brilliant in its simplicity, both sites illicit curiosity and convey how and why she is good at what she does by telling stories in both words and pictures.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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