While we’re on the topic of story-telling [Link Alert]

The idea of a blow by blow (to the head preferably) account a person’s day in terms of the objects they ‘interact’ with sounds utterly snoring (possibly unless you’re Steve Wozniak). But, on closer inspection, maybe not. 

Talk to Me is an exhibition on the communication between people and objects that will open at The Museum of Modern Art in New York on July 24th 2011. It will feature a wide range of objects from all over the world, from interfaces and products to diagrams, visualizations, perhaps even vehicles and furniture, by designers, students, scientists, all designed in the past few years or currently under development.

A Day in the Life is a series of posts on the Talk to Me site where invited guests describe a typical day in their life in terms of their interactions with objects.

Reading through the first Day in the Life ... it's not exactly riddled with suspense and intrigue but I enjoyed a little dip into the objectual relations of another human being. Yes?

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