Did you know SLEEKEN is a word?

Image by purpletwinkie

Blah blah blah SLEEKEN .....

I tried to convince a client to use the word ‘sleeken’ in her corporate brochure this week. I love using and reading words that are slightly out of place in Corporateville, usually a place drowning in boring business word diarrhea.

I imagine a potential customer of my client to be wading their way through the sewers of boring business guff (mmmmm hope you’re not eating!). I see them gingerly surveying the landscape hoping to find something that will get them to safety soon. The trouble is, it’s almost impossible to find a rescue pack because everything in front of them looks the same and a truly befitting solution is hard to make out.

All of a sudden, something different catches their eye and draws them in. It’s easy to make out and interesting to peruse and yes, it is exactly what they needed to get them out of the shit. (And by god, you better believe it was a sleekened rescue operation).

Postscript: Although my client was tempted, she didn’t go with sleeken in the end. She is clever and insightful, so she mulled it over before going with another of my suggestions: invigorate. ( I like that one too ....  but not as much as sleeken).

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