AMAZING BRANDING … even better than the product

Coke image
Dear Coke,

It’s not me, it’s you.  I really want to love you … it’s just that what you do hurts me. And if I let you; you will hurt my family.

I know we used to be closer. Years ago, we spent quite a bit of time together and I can’t deny I enjoyed those days. I know I haven’t given you much time in recent times. I admit, I have successfully and purposefully kept myself away from you but now and again I send you mixed messages. As horrible as it sounds, when maybe once a year I let you back into my life, it's usually a direct result of too much alcohol and I tend to regret hooking up with you almost as much as I do the hangover.

I think we really began to fall out when I had the kids.  I just don’t think you’re good for them and it scares me to think you could pollute their perfect little insides. I don’t mean to tar you with the evil brush. I know there are way worse of your kind out there – but my children can do better is all. I’m sorry Coke, I can quite easily ignore the other harmful beverages making themselves known to my impressionable offspring but you are everywhere and you are made to look so good. You always have been.

I wish as much effort could go into making you good inside as goes into your appearance.

Yes of course; Coke and fruit. What else?

Because, dammit, you make me want to like you. As shallow as that makes me – even though I'm just not into you, I love looking at you.

Yours torn (but not),


PS Don't feel too bad, you are still more than popular with some.

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