What I Learned Today: Emotion in Music

Whether I'm writing a sales email or creating content for a Slide Share, my knowledge pool steadily rises as I learn fresh fact after fresh fact. And because I’m a giver not a fighter, allow yourself to be schooled in .... what I learned today:

I had the sweet pleasure of interviewing two successful Australian country music singers in the lead up to an upcoming country festival this week. (It was one of the loveliest interviews I’ve ever done. I seriously could have talked to Aleyce Simmonds and Dianna Corcaron all day long).

Have you ever been at a concert and got totally swept up in the emotions of a song to the point where you are crying? I have (I once spent about half the songs of a Powderfinger concert bawling my eyes out, hoping my sister wouldn’t notice).

And during such outpouring, did you ever wonder if the stage dwellers ever noticed your state?

Today, I learned:
a) yes
b) the singers are often crying too!

Colour me emotional.

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