5 Quotes to get you through a stressful creative process

Getting your branding identity and marketing content just right is rarely smooth sailing.

Sometimes things don't look, read or sound like you thought they would and you don't know why.

Every now and then the creation leg of the journey can drag on. It can seem like a drag. Am I right? Slowly tweaking and changing the work in progress can be an exercise in endurance. It makes you want to tear your hair out. Scream. Wimper. Curl up and rock back and forth in the corner. Throw in the towel. Just forget the whole f&#king thing! Right?

I'm sorry. What?

Let's just dial things down a notch, shall we.

The creative process is not an exact science. Try to enjoy it even if it is taking longer than you thought it would ... it can be fun if you let it be. Remember, you're striving for sweet words, pretty pictures and exclamation-pointed reactions - not a cure for cancer.

When you're down and troubled and you need some swiftly resolved creative, try to calm down. Eliminate negative, emotional words from your thought process. Move away from the computer. Go for a walk. Clear your head. Listen to a great song on LOUD. Sit down with a blank piece of paper and write in short points what you want to achieve with this project. Now go to the creative causing you angst and identify the aspects that are jarring with you. On a new blank piece of paper write in short points why they're not working. Remember, no emotion - just constructive feedback and if possible, some direction.  Don't resent the process - enjoy it.You'll get there and when you do you'll feel quietly proud. 

Also, keep these little gems in mind:

And when all else fails, call your trusty comms professional.

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