Margaret and David leave businesses with 10 valuable lessons

The credits are set to roll on the finale of At the Movies. That show has been such an outstanding success in Australia thanks mostly to an inimitable partnership between Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton. 

ABC aren't going to bother even grasping at a single straw and weaving that straw into a new set for a couple of potential Margie and Dave replacements.

No point.

The very definition of that adjective I used above - inimitable  - is "so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy". The ABC is smart enough to know that and Aunty is probably just saving the budget to invest in another fabulous Claudia Karvan series.

Still, while the curtain is lowering on At the Movies and we will no longer have any clue as to whether it will be worth forking out $150 to go to the movies this weekend, the dynamic duo still have one parting gift for us.

10 lessons the Margaret and David partnership can teach businesses:

  1. Two capable entities can unite to deliver more as a whole than separately.
  2. Be pompous enough to seem authoritative but no so much that people didn't want to listen.
  3. Be passionate.
  4. When one door closes in your face (SBS), if you're good enough, another door (ABC) will open to let you in.
  5. Great partnerships can form when an employee (Margaret) backs herself as a valuable contributor and a boss (David) is smart enough to hear her out.
  6. Employees over 50 can still be valuable as hell.
  7. Heated debate in the workplace can be respectful and productive.
  8. It's fine to enjoy the Sex & the City movie even if it isn't a masterpiece (ok, this isn't a business lesson but I wanted to make the point)
  9. “Self indulgent clap trap.” Is a great put-down in any decade.
  10. Never write off the promise of success because of a weak start.

It's hard to make film review video snippets interesting for a blog post, but David's impression of the Rage scream is pretty entertaining:

And, even better, here's Margaret:

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