Should I or shouldn't I?

Image: painting by Kal Gajoum

There is no right time.
Sometimes you just have to jump in even when conditions aren't 100% ideal.
If you wait for the perfect moment you might just miss your opportunity.
Sometimes things just fall into place.
Sometimes you fast track unhappiness - even misery - because you left your comfort zone so super quickly you end up winding your life.
And sometimes, after resolutely marching through the shit (and occasionally falling into it), you also end up fast tracking happiness. Intense happiness. And epic contentment.
It's impossible to know what will happen when you jump course.
But there's only one way to find out.
And it really only comes down to one question:

           What do I want from my life?*

* This applies to both your business life and your personal life because unless you have learned a way to exist in two different parallel existences, they are the same life.

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