To do ...

My current goals:

To implement a new _________. 
To ________ ________ by September. 
To go to ____________ this year. 
To help ____'s ________ by _________. 
To totally fucking own ___________. 
To __________ more.
To prepare for ___________.
To learn more about ____________.
To stop ____________.
I will see _________ this year.

The thing with goals – whether they’re personal or organisational – is they come down to understanding the very nature of individuals and step by step logistics. 

For example, if you want to increase sales or change perceptions or improve visibility, you need to start with the day to day. 

What takes place on a day to day basis that would prevent someone from receiving or being receptive to your goals? What specific preferences, habits or concerns could you tap into to help you change behaviours or opinions or attitudes to make a difference? Use this insight to plot out the specifics that will allow you to inch closer and closer to your goals.

Hey mister, what's your dream?

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