Don't be afraid to draw on bad ass influences

Maleficent as Madonna

Fun fact: the riff in Powderfinger's Like a Dog is taken straight from a Beatles song. Can you pick which one?

Did you also know that many of Stephen King's earlier novels were directly influenced by horror stories he had read or watched that were written by other people?

No matter who you are or how much fame and fortune you may have accumulated, you're never too big to be influenced by someone else. Ask Paul Kelly; he freely admits he pinches ideas and lines from everywhere and everyone and he is one of the most revered songwriters ever.

You should never be afraid to let your influences show in your work - even if it's for commercial purposes. So long as you put your own spin on it and let your own talents blend through, you're creating something new.

Maybe that's why I love these Disney Halloween mash-ups by artist, Isaiah Stephens. Disney stars who were probably over trick or treaters emulating their likenesses every Halloween - turning the tables, mixing it up and drawing on their own bad ass influences.

Sleeping Beauty as Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
Snow White as Wonder Woman

The Evil Queen as Amy Winehouse

Tinkerbell as The Bride (Kill Bill)

Cruella de Vil as Lady Gaga

Ursula as Beyonce

You can check out the story behind these - and more - here.

He might not be a Disney dude, but for mine, I'd love to see one more: Bert from Sesame Street as Frank 'n' Furter. Am I right?

If this tickled your fancy, get a gander at:

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