Getting mobile brand love [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to Valentine's Day, who better to look to for answers regarding all matters of the heart than Dr Love himself - Doctor Google.

As we get closer to one of the most loved, and dreaded days of the year, brands are thinking about how to capitalise on loved up shoppers. Research by Google shows there is 60% rise in mobile consumers who reach for their mobiles to shower their partners with gifts.
There is a lot here to take in - particularly if you want to market to consumers on their devices of choice via their online and social platforms of choice. 

My over-riding question however is who are these batshit crazy ladies looking for Valentine's Day presents during the first week in January? It's my beautiful mother's birthday on 5 January and I never let any year pass without explaining to her how inconsiderate it is for any parent to laden the world with the expectation of procuring another god forsaken gift so soon after Christmas.

But, I digress. If you're peddling your wares to Valentine's schmucks, keep in mind:

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