Six of the best

From colourful costumes to no clothes at all, here are six of the best things I've experienced in the past month and what made their messages and marketing memorable.

1. The Temple - Skincare and Spa. A 5 hour pamper session (Christmas present from my guy) is beyond description. Let's be honest: I'm undoubtedly listing this first because it is an excuse to brag about a day dedicated to facials, massages, scubs, epic mani-pedis, lunch by the pool and me me me. That said, a big shout out to The Temple's website. In addition to giving a nicely done depiction and description of their fabulous services, the site has a very handy, intuitive and integrated online booking system. You can also book over the phone if that's your thing, but an online booking system that's compatible with my email app's calendar works best for me. 

2. TapeACall. This is more a tool for marketers than a shining example of marketing itself that I want to shine a light on. I got the skinny on this app while listening to one of my favourite podcasts, So you want to be a writer. In a nutshell, this little beauty allows you to record phone calls made on your smartphone. I've been using it for phone interviews which has made the interview process much more efficient and effective because: a) it allows me to sink into the conversation more deeply as I'm not also frantically taking short hand; and b) it makes transcribing the interview much easier. The week before last I used TapeACall when I interviewed Australian music icon, Lee Kernaghan. The upshot was a lovely interview exchange and a private memento of the time I spoke to this talented man.

3. Grimes. I went to a Grimes show at the Enmore Theatre recently. It was a kaleidoscope of Manga, pop and rave. And sweet Lady Gaga, the girl's got talent! She was a whirlwind of song, instrument and dance influences. Her spectacular stage lighting kept up with (rather than compensated for) her performance. Not long ago, another trailblazer - Stella McCartney - used Grimes in her campaign for perfume, Pop - it was the perfect collaboration between two indie innovators.


4. The Naked Bike Ride. That pic above? I took it (and quite a few others but this is the most PG). I was in Byron Bay the weekend before last and on a lazy Sunday afternoon, from out of nowhere a whole heap of peeps decided to go for a little peddle through the town - sans clothing. It was quite the sight. There weren't any news crews there to capture this glorious event but it got quite a snippet of media coverage because any punter with an iPhone can be a news crew these days. In fact, my pic made it into the Daily Mail because I was coincidently there holidaying with a friend who's an editor who fed our pix through to the DM office. Sign of the times. Remember kids, the world is always watching so keep your wits (and dignity) about you. I'm pretty sure by the happy expressions these cyclists were wearing (no clothes, just happy expressions and painted genitals) the media coverage would have been the cherry a la mode. To be honest, I'm not sure what exactly the purpose of the ride was but do you even need a reason to go riding in the nicky nacky noo?

5. The F1. Last September I went to the Singapore Grand Prix which pretty much confirmed me as new convert to Formula One racing fandom. I watched the Melbourne Grand Prix pretty enthusiastically and apparently I wasn't the only one. Free-to-air Network Ten reported 864,000 metro viewers tuning in to the race. And while we're on the topic, check out this infographic depicting the most watched sporting events in the world (F1 isn't one of them but I thought you might appreciate the trivia).

6. This pic. As a rule I'm not into dressing up animals or watching cats on the internet. I'm making an exception for Bat Cat.

Happy Easter.

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