What's the point .... of blogging?

And it's not just blogging; what's the point in going that extra mile to communicate with customers or your wider community unless you have a specific promotion or announcement? You have enough to do - isn't blogging simply another time investment with little return?

But let me stop you there. 
The return is important. 
The return is huge.

“All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to, people that they know like and trust.” - Bob Burg (via ProBlogger)

Afterall, that's how you spend money isn't it? Buying goods and services that you

You might not be into reading blogs, you might prefer watching videos on YouTube; or scrolling through Facebook or Twitter; listening to podcasts; the immediacy and honesty of Periscope; the prettiness of Instagram; or the information visual richness ease of Slideshare.

It doesn't matter. We all have our preferred ways of keeping in touch with the world and the brands that are top of mind are those brands that have appealing products and services of a pleasing quality, and are that also just happen to be present on the channels that we frequent.  

Brands that convert passing interest into more sales and profitability are those that somehow take the audience from the channel back to the home base (whether that be a website, blog site or a bricks and motor retail store). 

If your customers aren't into reading blogs, they're into something else and you need to communicate with them via that channel.

It comes down to transparently communicating your expertise, your availability and your understanding of what your customers need and how you can help them. You've got to put it out there.

Know. Like. Trust.

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