6 of the best - Some of summer's little beauties

Lazy, hazy goodness that's caught my gaze this week ...

1. Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf

Summer reading - had me a blast. Read this sweet little thing in one day. This year, I'm keeping an account of all my book devourments on Pinterest. I hope to pin up a storm on this board in 2017.

2. The job description of a billionaire

A masterclass in being Branson.

Trying to relate to Richard Branson as an entrepreneur is like trying to relate to Kelly Slater as a Surfer or Stephen Spielberg as a Director. The magnitude of their awesomeness may make you question whether the same rules even apply to you. Here's proof that they do.

3. The Modern Advertising Brief by Dr Draper's Bag

Yep. Yawn.

4. Celebrate Australia with a Lamb BBQ by Meat and Livestock Australia’s (MLA)

I mean, why not?

This TVC is an ideal, rather than a criticism. It’s one of possibility. Australia Day as a work in progress: a message in an ad which has people talking and still manages to sell a product (genius!).

Keep the celebrations. Keep the barbecues, the Hottest 100 and all the festivities currently enjoyed by so many each year. Nothing at all wrong with that – and this ad reinforces that view. Its message is that every single person should be able to celebrate our beautiful nation and be proud to be Australians.

Which is why we need to pick another of the 363 days of the year for Australia Day -  an alternative to the day that is most painful and problematic for the first Australians. It’s really not that hard is it?

5. Tracey Spicer on the Confession Booth podcast

This has been out for a while but I only just listened to it this week. Hilarious and frank, Spicer makes her way through the seven deadly sins - revealing, revelling and unregretful.

My favourite sentence: 
“I may be a bleeding heart, small ‘l’ liberal who spends much of her time doing work in the developing world, but do not cross me because I will fucking go you.”

6. Jessica Rowe

Yes, Kidspot. She is a legend.

Hustle, hit and never quit.

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