The highest ranked marketing goal may not make you happy

Forrester Research found that 54% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) identified meeting revenue targets as their most important business driver. (Source: “The Evolved CMO In 2014,” Forrester Research, Inc., February 24, 2014.)

If you’re a marketer you will know how frustrating this can be. While revenue and sales are what it’s all about from a business perspective, marketing ROI is measured using a range of criteria – such as brand perception, recognition and engagement – and while these can undoubtedly lead to increased sales and revenue, the road there is sometimes long and windy.

For best results, start by holding regular meetings between your sales team(s) and your marketers. The sales folks will set the record straight and should provide some food for thought at the very least.

You can achieve great results with content marketing and a well planned and executed lead nurture program, but regardless of your tactics, greater understanding and greater collaboration between sales and marketing is a must if you intend on kicking goals this year.

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