Fighting with the Id

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The Id* needs a good kick up the arse, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s kind of there to remind us how great we are (sorry, I mean how great I am), but it also needs to be brought down a peg or two every once in a while by an attack of the Ego. In fact, it works a lot like the Australian Tall Poppy Syndrome,

You probably find this hard to believe, but I’m a bit of a whiner at times. I know! It’s a stretch, but trust me.

My favourite thing to lament is “Who am I?!!!!” This is my melodramatic way of expressing utter perplexity at my transition into the type of person that yells like a fishwife at her family to "get away from one another right now!" and "I'm going to count to three!" and "how hard is it to put the toilet roll on the holder when it needs changing!" Please. What’s a girl to do?

I wasn’t supposed to be her. I was supposed to be Ms Fabulosity of Everlasting Fun Times and Effing Great Adventures.

No. Wait. That was me. Like ten years ago.

I’m not really sure what that temporary state of delirium was meant to evolve into. I’m not sure what mould I was meant to carve out for myself when I grew up – still trying to figure that one out - but I do know I’ve got it too good to justify regular whiney wistfulness.

Read a great blog post the other day by Christine Kane called Don't Look Back. Look Around. It resonated with me particularly because I've been spending a bit of time lately with people who really do have the odd thing that warrants a big bellyache about, but they don't.

There I was with my wounded image of myself wondering how the hell I got stuck in the wrong life while the one I truly deserved had gone to someone with money and a nanny. Christine Kane's post reminded to boot that ego right in the butt and have a look around.

And you know, my Id's arch nemisis the Super Ego told me that the Look Around Principal goes beyond my walls. News is dominated by doom and gloom ... the GFC, the inconvenient truth about our environment and how the bloody hell we're gonna get hold of those Ashes again.

But sometimes it’s nice to reflect on the great stuff all around us even if it doesn't make for great news copy.

I’m sure I’ll be bitching and moaning and wallowing under the lazy illusion of banality again soon (not sure what I’d do with all that free time otherwise) but I’ve also written myself a little reminder to Look Around more.

* Disclaimer: My memories/understanding of Freud's theories are of the Cliff Note variety so feel free to correct me if you must.

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