Living close to the city has it's definite advantages. Location, Location, Location.

Living close to the city in an apartment with two growing kiddlies, can be a bit claustrophobic at times too.

Sydney is my city of choice and dwelling. New York is my ultimate city. Love that place! My impression of NYC is that the people that live there have boldly chosen location over space. Even people with a bit of money live in shoe box apartments ... with a sensory overload and the reality of endless possibilities to greet them every time they open their front doors.
An almost defiant choice that screams "Yes, with the amount it costs to live here I could live in a seven bedroom ranch surrounded by thirty kilometres of property elsewhere, but this city poos all over everywhere else and I want to be here damnit ... now could you just shuffle to the side as I need to pull my bed down from the wall closet."

There is a little more choice in the matter for us mere mortals in Sydney and although the apartments and costs aren't as high ... it's not a stretch to see it heading that way. I'm starting to sense that space might get more of a nod in the next few years, but for the time being, I can't find it in me to even want to move away from the proximity to the city.

Except when my children spend time at their grandparents' houses and go deliriously nuts in the backyards and say stuff like, "Mum, can we get a backyard?" Ouch.

Fortunately, Sydney's parks are getting better all the time. I live literally across the road from Sydney Park and - although to go there, my children require my presence rather than a cursery wave from the kitchen window - every time I'm there lately, I think "who needs a backyard?"

Even better now that food and refreshment is park-ensconsed.

The first, long-anticipated coffee has now been served at Sydney Park Kiosk; adding a gratifying culinary experience to the range of activities already on offer at the City of Sydney's largest park.

(A friend of mine is running the joint and I think she should be as proud as spiked-punch).

Serving gourmet lunch cuisine in an al fresco dining environment, the kiosk has a family-friendly, dog-friendly, bike-friendly, chilled out atmosphere. Open all year round, the scenery changes with the seasons and gives diners that taste of park life only a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

It's got everything a park-goer needs and chances are, by the time you read this there will be more: rugs for those who prefer to lounge in the abundant solar warmth, and umbrellas and shade cloths for rainy or sun-protected feasting.

Enquire at the kiosk about regular hula hoop lessons.

Canine visitors are well catered for with treats, doggie-cinos, leads, balls and frisbees.

Plus, the whole thing is next to the super duper trooper play-ground. (Plus, there are brand new loo facilities).

For more info about the park you can contact or visit

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