Things I Love Today

  1. Song: Lisa Mitchell's Coin Laundry

  2. Marble maze game: a Christmas toy that was just rediscovered that has kept both my 5 yr old and toddler amused for HOURS this week (thank you for small mercies!)

  3. My old pashmina is makes me feel a bit chic and styley even when I'm wearing track dacks and it's wrapped around my shoulders while I couch or work at my desk.

  4. Making pikelets with my boy. (Most important ingredients: music and dancing).

  5. Synchro Kabuki: how cool (and flamin' difficult) does this underwater muscle musical in Tokyo look (pic: Getty images)?

  6. The Haka: I may be a Wallaby supporter but this is still my favourite part of the rugby.

  7. Black Barbie: Cool, it may not be to love Barbies ... But I do. If you added together all the time I spent playing them as a kid there might be a good couple of years there. (I also like scanky Bratz and I will dare to buy them for my daughter.) It astounds me that as far as society has come there are so few alternatives to the white skin, brunette or blonde dolls on the market. Variety is the spice of life afterall! Italian Vogue thinks so and dedicated not only a photo spread but the front cover of its July issue suplement to black Barbie.
  8. Black Eyed Peas: I'm ticketed up and good to go see them in October which I have been meaning to do for many years.
  9. Obama Blend coffee from Campos. My favourite and a necessary preventative vice in order to avoid me hurting people early in the morning.

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