Things I Love Today

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1. Splendour in the Grass. Such a sweet yet elegantly crazy little festival. I didn't go this year but this photo from 2009 Splendy is way cool.

2.Husband came home with a box of the new Belle Fleur Fine Chocolates (Petersham and Rozelle) last week. How can I describe how much you need these hand-frikken-made delights? Run. Don't walk.

3.Worth 1000 Photoshop Tom Cruise competition. Too funny!

4.All You Need is Love by Scarycrow from the I Love You graffitti pool on Flickr

5.This photo by jurate gacionyte

6.Regina Spektor. Especially her song Blue Lips from her new album, Far.

7.Tattoos. In the book, Eat, Pray, Love; Elizabeth Gilbert's sister warns her that having children is like getting a tattoo across your face - you want to be damn sure you want it before you commit. I also think getting a tattoo anywhere highly visible is like getting a tattoo across your face. My two tatts are old and boring and I'm pretty glad they are for the most part fairly hidden. Instead of getting more I spend my time loving other people's. Most people have an "I saw the weirdest/funniest/best/most inapproriate tattoo ..." story.

8.Last week I saw Public Enemies. It was a movie with Johnny Depp in it. Do I even need to say more? If I do, I liked it as a whole, loved JD's accent (apparently inspired by his father and uncle because there is no audio of John Dillinger speaking), adored the way it was shot but felt I needed to have read up on some modern American history to have truly understood a few of the other characters. My dad told me yesterday that he doesn't think much of Johnny Depp. I told him that is illegal (mum backed me up) and placed him under citizen's arrest. He is awaiting trial.

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