Things i Love Today

1. Swimsuit season (not!) - hot winter weather reminds me it is imminent. C'mon summer (carbs be gone)! (pic: Tom Palumbo)

2. Songs:
a) Miss Sarajevo by Bono, Brian Eno, L'Orchestra Filarmonica Di Torino, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Kamen & The Edge. I don't really do much opera but I do Pavarotti. His voice is like the feeling you get when the plane tears down the runway and takes off.
b) I'm also mclovin Flunky for your Love by Pieces of Peace. Aside from the name, you will love this if you love the Superbad Soundtrack and all those fat, funky, sexy, soulful numbers.

3.Moisturising: If you want to avoid looking like this, you gotta body butter, baby! I don't know what it is, but there's something about moisurising that makes me feel like a million bucks. (pic: Ryan J.C. Hoffman)

4. This pic.

5. Sexy Angelina is back. So says Primped, and not a minute too soon. Va Va Voom Angie is so much more fun. Plus, a reminder that a mama can be hot in her own right without being referred to as a Yummy Mummy or a MILF (i.e You're gorgeous! For a mother.) ... right, better go apply some more of that moisturiser.

6. Golden Girls Tattoo - A tattoo lover am I. But, dear god ... can you say "laser removal"?

7. The Grahame Norton Show: it's not so much what he says but the way he says it; so utterly immature, puerile and bitchy. And what I mean by that is: hilarious!

8. DVD: The Reader. Just liked it is all. Interesting story. Easy to follow. Underlying messages about guilt, personal growth or lack of it.

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