3 important questions about marketing to emotions

Important: consumers are humans. 

Consumers part with money for products and services according to basic needs and complex emotions.

Above is a depiction of the wheel of emotion invented by psychologist and professor emeritus at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Robert Plutchik. The model defines human emotions and their relations and combinations, for example

Admiration - trust - acceptance
Terror - fear - apprehension
Amazement - surprise - distraction
Grief - sadness - pensiveness
Loathing - disgust - boredom
Rage - Anger - annoyance
Vigilance - anticipation - interest
Ecstasy - Joy - serenity

As you plan the next conversation you will initiate with the people you market to, ask yourself these three questions:

To what emotion does your product or service appeal?
Does it strike a chord with people who are angry? Does it comfort people who feel alone?
Will it be a big drawcard to those who are stressed about money?

What emotion does your product or service aim to evoke?
Giddiness? Intrigue? Joy? Smugness? Confidence? 

What do you need to say to these people to show them you get them????

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