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Don’t write out your marketing brief. Well, do but don’t only inform your marketing team or suppliers with a written brief. Talk it out with them as well. 

Do it informally, sit back in your chair, don’t read from notes, and as inarticulately as you like, tell them your vision behind the brief. What is it you want to promote? Why is this a good product or message or campaign? What’s the target audience going to love about it?

Encourage questions and discussion about the brief. Make it a conversation.

If your marketing stars are worth their salt that’s where the magic will happen.

When I am working with a new client in particular, say I’m going to revamp the copy on their webpage ... I ask a few standard questions and go on to engage in a free form conversation with them. I just let the conversation and my curiosity take us where we need to go.

In this process, invariably - almost without fail - my client will come out with a sentence or a phrase that will encapsulate all they are doing. It will be a sentence or phrase that is obvious to them but as soon as I hear it I know that is The One. BAM. That is the message that is going to resonate with the audience. Powerful and insightful. You better believe it will be used.

And it all started with a conversation. And an objective third party. 

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