Some things are just plain embarrassing.

When someone catches you …

  • Dancing in front of the mirror
  • Picking your nose
  • Listening and loving country music*
  • In a photo with your 80s hair
  • Laughing at (and watching for that matter) Two and a Half Men
  • Hanging your tatty undies on the line
  • With discarded McDonalds remnants in your car
  • Trying and failing to pull off an Irish/Scottish/French accent
  • Laughing at your own joke
  • Throwing yourself shamelessly at someone that so obviously has you locked permanently into the Friend Zone
  • Mimicking a competitor’s marketing campaign

But, why does the last one have to be embarrassing? You’re riding on the coat tails of someone else’s great idea in lieu of backing your own innovativeness. That’s a pretty solid reason.

Is it? So long as it works, who really cares who started it? It’s perfectly ok … no, it’s more than ok; it’s smart to take someone else’s great idea and tweak it and make it your own winning move. You don’t have to be a pioneer to totally bloody own a marketing strategy.

The sure advantage of trying out someone else’s idea for your own business is they get to test what works and you get to pay attention and adjust it accordingly for your own purposes, limitations and audience.

Here are some absolute pearlas that are worth copying the shit out of:

And more of the same. I could go on but it would just be too many inspiration bombs to drop your way this early in the year and we need to pace ourselves. If you can pull off anything even close to these, god speed. All’s fair in love and business. 

Embarrassing? Embarrassingly savvy more like it!

*Country music is so NOT embarrassing (anymore). Stay tuned and I will tell you for why in a future post. 

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