Hottest songs of 2014 ...

... according to me.

Here we go again.

For mine, 2014 was a little smasher for music. Narrowing down my top tunes for the Triple J Hottest 100 was a task alright. But for what it's worth, here they are. Get 'em in t'ya.

1. Darth Vader - Highasakite

(I double dare anyone not to feel happier than all get out after listening to this up loud)

Am I the real Darth Vader I'll slay dragons too
If that's what I've gotta do.

2. Wish I Was - Ayla

I'm not out of my mind but I wish I was

I'd give it all to hear the voices hush

3. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

Come on, dance

Jump on it
If you sexy then flaunt it
If you freaky then own it
4. Yellow Flicker Beats - Lorde

This is the start of how it all ends
They used to shout my name now they whisper it

5. West Coast - Lana Del Rey

Down on the West Coast, they got a saying
If you're not drinking, then you're not playing
But you've got the music, you've got the music in you, don't you?

6. Quit Your Job - Thundamentals

Thankfully, can't say I relate to this song but it's easy to see why he was a wasted talent there with these 
So so clever, funny, funny lyrics (*fittingly, not safe for work)

7. Seasons Change - Future Islands

People change
But you know some people never do
You know when people change
They gain a piece but they lose one too

8. Fade Out Lines - The Avener

The shallower it grows*
The shallower it grows
The fainter we grow 
Into the fade out lines

*My kids attest that these words are actually 'the shower bruise' and I now like to hear them as thus

9. Home - Angus & Julia Stone

No you can't call a dog home
If you don't know his name

10. Carol - The Peep Tempel

And I don't think Trevor is good for you
I don't want to be a f*#king Christmas ham
I just want you to love me - like I love you

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