Go hard or go to the beach

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Business is back. Time to get cracking wise.

A mental duel between the summertime, hedonistic, procrastinative haze and the desire to kick big ass goals and big asses gets underway.

Don’t you know the tick of twelve o one on January First is the signal to kick Old Ways to the curb? Negative thoughts, nagging doubts and bad habits are heretoforthwith banished.

For about a month now I’ve been shaping an article on wistful, younger day nostalgia. But it’s not going to see the light of the internet any time soon because for now, at this time of year, in the present mood of this primary month, it just isn’t the Done Thing to look back.

Tis the season to make brash, enthusiastic proclamations of how we’re going to smash it this year. It certainly makes motivational, chronological, logical sense to make brash plans right now. So long as your business brain can fight the lure of the beach and the bestseller and get it up for Business Goal Setting.

How’s your commercial kick off going so far? Are you a captain of ambition and follow through or are you faking it to fit in?

I, for one, am a bit of both. I’ve an itch to get stuck in, I need to feed a taste for something new and I’m nursing a smug understanding that things don’t officially heat up until the Australian Open’s done and dusted.

So come on!

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