Mid-week inspiration

If you, like me, are in need of a little mid-week inspiration, light a lemon verbena scented candle and draw on the following:

Places like this exist in the world:

in Sardinia

And this

in Turkey

Even if you don't live in those places, you can always make your own environment a little more rad no matter what it is ...

Warning: simply watching this will make you ovulate. Even if you're a man.

Jamie Oliver. More to the point: his website. It's lousy with pukka recipes that offer sweet salvation when you have no idea what to make for dinner and are bored to the back teeth with your usual repertoire.

Also, I love that Jamie is totally fine with unrefined cooking techniques. (Perfect for clumsy cooks ... or if you're drunk).

The Humans of New York blog. Pay no mind to the news. People are exquisite. And flawed. From the murky depths of the hand they were dealt, some will absolutely fill you til it almost hurts.

The hidden benefits of donating bloodYesterday I rolled up my sleeve and donated and today I weigh 2 kgs lighter! Not sure how that happened but I am just disappointed I can't do it again today or for another 3 months. Still, in the meantime, I may save a life or 3 (I'm so up myself and I didn't have to do anything except sit in a comfy chair for 20 minutes then abide by the Red Cross instructions not to exercise and to eat and drink plenty for the rest of the day). 

So many small things have healing powers strong enough to emancipate us from more angst than is required over pop up internet ads, fiddly cling wrap, unhelpful customer support and redirected mail. I, for one, need to remember to do this more often. 

Can I get a: hell namaste?

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