9 Tagline Tips

Things to remember when deciding on a tagline for your business or product:

  1. The industry or demographic you most appeal to
  2. What you offer that your competitors' don't (aka your USP or Unique Selling Proposition)
  3. How your target market feel about what you offer and whether they need to be swayed towards what you're selling or whether they need to be swayed towards you
  4. Your strengths (note this is not #1 - it's about them, not you remember)
  5. Your target market's pain points (and how you solve their challenges)
  6. What they're interested in, and more importantly ...
  7. What they're not interested in
  8. Their sense of humour, sense of serious and the tone of voice they respond to (with their money)
  9. Your competitors' taglines

And when all else fails, remember The 3 Questions of Marketing

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