What I learned today: Badass kicks the ass of powerful

It is more interesting to be a badass female than a powerful woman.

This information came to me courtesy of blogger, Justine Musk in her post, 10 quick thoughts regarding love + power + badass women:
 I once tweeted a link to a blog post of mine called something like how to be a powerful woman. It got hardly any hits. I tried again, replacing ‘powerful woman’ with ‘female badass’ and the hits went through the roof. (This was, keep in mind, before the word ‘badass’ became so horribly overused.)

Everyone wants to feel empowered but describing yourself as 'powerful' or admitting you aspire to be powerful isn't something usually associated with women. Not sure why. Badass certainly sounds infinitely cooler. 

It's all semantics really. Important aren't they?

Click her for more Words behind Women.

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